SASTRA University proudly presents the second largest Techno-Management Fest in South India with grandeur and magnificence. Bringing out nurturing talent and flair, it is one stop for all that is exhilarating. Clustering different spheres of technology into one nutshell, Daksh offers an all-round experience in one cup of tea. From Technical Events to sharpen your prowess, to out of the box Techno-Fun events, Daksh keeps molding dexterity. Innovation and Versatility go hand in hand as once again as the Fest returns once again for its next edition with its magnanimity unturned.




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Student Co-ordinator
Mail : coordinator.daksh@sastra.ac.in
Phone number : 9092990652

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Mail : chairman.daksh@sastra.ac.in
Phone number : 9843507874

Mail : promotions.daksh@sastra.ac.in
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