about daksh

DAKSH, the international techno-management extravaganza of SASTRA, is a reflection of the abilities of students to keep up with the world of science and technology which has been metamorphosing at breakneck speeds. It provides students with the perfect platform to test the soundness of their academic fundamentals and managerial flair, further the same and compete with their peers on what could very well be the technology of tomorrow.

DAKSH has been a runaway hit ever since its inception in 2007, when it was first introduced as a place where budding engineers could battle it out with each other and experience a piece of the real world. It has never looked back. Having grown from strength to strength, DAKSH is now touted to be the second biggest techno-management fest of South India.

Perpetual redefinition of the distinction between imagination and realization- That’s DAKSH for you!

If you have wisdom in one hand and technology in the other, put your hands together for Dakth '15 - History Unearthed. Technology Unleashed.

Wisdom is endowed. Technology is created. Daksh '15 gives you the link between Endowment and Creation.

To find what will, we search what was.

Relive your past. Peek into your future. Observe elite wisdom of the past becoming commonplace technology at Daksh '15.


about sastra

SASTRA, Shanmuga Arts Science Technology and Research Academy was founded in 1984, with a vision to produce not merely the best engineers but the best citizens this country has seen. With the passage of time, it added to the tradition and culture of a place already steeped in Indian history as the home of the Brihadeshwara Temple - Thanjavur. Located on the Trichy-Thanjavur Highway, the sprawling campus of SASTRA University occupies an area of over 25,00,000 square feet, whose aesthetic and eco-friendly environment, coupled with allegorical infrastructure make it the perfect melting pot of all streams of learning.

SASTRA owes its progress to the unique merit centric scheme, which makes it stand out from the crowd. Espousing the philosophy of smart work over hard work, its scholarly staff, scientific researchers and specialized guidance have enabled SASTRA to march on along the unidirectional path towards excellence. With a vibrant population of over 10,000 students and 700 teaching faculty, SASTRA has carved a niche for itself as a centre for fostering the all-round development of its students. Its singular blend of academic excellence and real world experience with moral values have earned it national recognition.